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About OpenVPX

The OpenVPX (VITA 65) System Specification is the first system-level VPX specification dedicated to the interoperability of multi-vendor system and subsystem building blocks. It addresses the architectural issues required to define, implement and deploy VPX-based systems from a broad choice of interoperable, COTS hardware building blocks from multiple suppliers. The OpenVPX specification was created with a top-down, systems-level view of performance and interoperability.

Mercury's extensive Ensemble™ OpenVPX™ product line is designed for applications where high-performance multi-processing, high-data-rate switch fabrics, real-time operation and sensor data processing are critical.

OpenVPX Advantages

When used to create complex embedded system designs, the OpenVPX specification enables end users to satisfy their most demanding application needs. Key OpenVPX advantages:

  • Enhanced development time from concept to market
  • More scalable, flexible solutions
  • Product interoperability at the module and backplane
  • Off-the-shelf products via established ecosystems
  • Proven, established architecture and system topologies
  • Better Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) support
  • Improved deployed system performance

Developing the Specification

The OpenVPX specification was created by the OpenVPX Industry Working Group (IWG), an independent association composed of leading defense industry prime contractors and COTS systems developers. Formed by Mercury in 2009, the IWG's objective was to release the true value of VPX technologies for today's most challenging applications.

Today, the IWG has evolved into the VITA 65 working group, which is supported by the VPX Marketing Alliance (VMA). Composed of VITA members, the goal of the VMA is to spread awareness of the value that VPX and OpenVPX interoperability brings to critical embedded system and subsystem applications.

Mercury's OpenVPX Product Line

Mercury's Ensemble OpenVPX sensor networking solutions are specially built to deliver real-time, actionable information to the people who need it. To make it happen, the solutions combine sensor signal processing with advanced GPGPU technology, data exploitation, mission processing and storage. The result is the ultimate in interoperability combined with performance. Available today, the Ensemble product line is capable of operating in the harshest environments.

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