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Technology Innovations


1st COTS DRFM - Mercury announces the industry's first DRFM using commercial FPGA devices.

1st embeded GPGPUs - Mercury ruggedly packages the 1st GPGPUs from the PC domain for massive, embedded parallel processing power.

1st embedded IBM Cell based computer - Mercury introduces the PowerBlock 200, the first rugged IBM Cell processor-based computer.

1st FPGA mixed signal mezzanine - Mercury launches the Ensemble series of high-performance, Virtex® 5-based digital receivers that combine industry-leading mixed-signal performance with best commercial FPGA IP to deliver the finest signal integrity in a flexible mezzanine card format.

1st Gigaflop embedded processor - Mercury announces the first embedded multicomputer to deliver Gigaflop performance.

1st Intel® Xeon® server-class embedded processing - Mercury introduces the Ensemble HDS6600 High Density Server, the industry’s first Intel®-based, rugged, Xeon® server-class blade for embedded streaming sensor chain processing applications in harsh military and aerospace environments.

1st open standard switch fabric - Mercury ships the industry's first computer system based on an open-standard, switch fabric “bus-less” interconnect.

1st Serial RapidIO® AdvancedTCA® server-blade - Mercury's Ensemble building blocks are the first high-speed Serial RapidIO AdvancedTCA platform for telecom infrastructure.

1st Serial RapidIO® AMC - Mercury announces the industry's first Intel®-based, Serial RapidIO® Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) to accelerate demanding compute applications such as ground-based radar and software-defined routers for fourth-generation (4G) networks.

1st VME64x product - Mercury produces the first multifunction product to support VME64x.

Air Flow-By™ - Air Flow-By™ is the break through air management technology that produces the most efficient and predictable air cooling available, enabling the hottest processing devices to run full-throttle, all the time.

Liquid Flow-By™ - Liquid Flow-By is the high-altitude, low-air presence extension to Air Flow-By technology that enables embedded compute modules to dissipate the most thermal energy using on platform coolant/fuel while maintaining air cooling capability not requiring forced coolant.

40Gb/s and faster OpenVPX fabrics - Signal channel tuning produces extremely low-bit error rates enabling the largest OpenVPX subsystems to run 40Gb/s and faster fabrics.

MultiCore Plus® - Mercury launches the MultiCore Plus® (MCP) software environment and the MultiCore MathPack library bundle, enabling application portability and enhanced productivity for C4ISR streaming sensor chain processing productivity enhancements.

Next-gen secure AdvancedTCA® - Next-gen secure AdvancedTCA® capability delivers data center AdvancedTCA blade processing capability that is infused with advanced personalized and private security features, ruggedization and optional additional compute capabilities suited to streaming, low-latency sensor chain processing.

OpenRFM™ - Mercury announces OpenRFM that closes the void in open system architectures between the highly standardized embedded compute and RF/microwave domains. OpenRFM seamlessly integrates and standardizes RF/microwave IP through the use of standard control planes, electromechanically interconnects and packaging for use with embedded compute open system architectures.

OpenSAL - Mercury announces OpenSAL, an open source version of the award-winning Scientific Algorithm Library (SAL) with vector math acceleration for low-latency processing of wideband streaming sensor processing applications.

OpenVPX™ ratification - The OpenVPX system standard, co-authored by Mercury, is ratified by the VITA Standards Organization (VSO) ready for ANSI ratification.

POET™ - Mercury announces the Ensemble LDS6520 (Intel® Core i7® OpenVPX processor module) which includes the first instance of FPGA implemented Packet Offload Engine Technology (POET). POET is the first multi-fabric interconnect with mission refresh capability and build-in private and personalized security options.

RACE - RACE is introduced, a new computer architecture that enables customers to embed true, scalable multicomputers inside their equipment.

Race++® - Mercury launches first real-time switch fabric with capability that exceeds 1.25 Teraflops of processing power.

RACEway ANSI ratification - RACEway attains approval as an ANSI standard (RACEway Interlink, ANSI/VITA 5-1994).