AMMP 3U SOSA Aligned Mission Computer, BuiltSAFE™

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Accelerate aviation applications and deploy them faster

The first safety-certifiable, SOSA aligned mission computer

Mercury's Avionics Modular Mission Platform (AMMP) is a SOSA aligned, DAL A certifiable, high-performance mission computer aligned with the FACE™ technical standard that accelerates technology integration and sustainment at a lower cost. Designed with Mercury’s proven BuiltSAFE™ techologies and delivered with DO-254 and DO-178 artifacts, AMMP mitigates operational risk and ensures successful aircraft certification.

Reduced system footprint and cost with 40x more performance

AMMP's dual Intel® Core™ i7 Gen11 processors, integrated GPU and 32 GB of memory deliver up to 40x more performance than current-generation avionics computers while drawing 50% less power, enabling system integrators to accelerate aviation applications with a single system instead of multiple line replaceable units (LRUs).

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Deliver faster response times and decision accuracy

By leveraging AI and autonomous capabilities powered by AMMP mission computer, the decision accuracy of pilots is increased and faster threat response is made possible. 

Save Space, Power and Costs

Graphic showing superior performance of Mercury Systems rugged servers compared to the previous generation.
  • 3U OpenVPX, SOSA aligned to support the modular open systems approach (MOSA) mandate
  • Aligned to FACE technical standard and HOST
  • Supports a converged architecture that runs multiple applications and speeds capability deployment
  • Configurable, independent and certifiable 3U boards that can run mixed safety-domain workloads ranging up to DAL A
  • Multiple Intel® Core™ i7 Gen 11 processors with integrated GPUs for increased performance
  • A range of avionics I/O including ARINC-429, discrete, MIL-STD-1553, RS-485, and CAN to capture and distribute HD video
  • Rugged, compact and low-power design (<15 lb) to reduce risk and save aircraft resources
  • Green Hills, Lynx and Linux board support packages to achieve FAA CAST-32A objectives
  • Optional ARM or PPC processing

AMMP is available in a 4-slot or 10-slot configuration

The basic AMMP304-01 configuration consists of 4 independent modules:

Up to 2x Processing Blades (SBC-3515)

  • Certifiable up to DAL A 
  • Processor: 2x Intel Corei7 11th Gen Tiger Lake quad core processors
  • Integrated graphics processing unit: Intel Iris GPU integrated
  • Memory and storage:
    • 32 GB DDR4 with ECC
    • 64 MB FLASH 
    • 64 GB M.2 SSD storage

1x Ethernet Switch (SFM-3206) 

  • Up to 32x 1GBase-Kx or 10GBase-KRUp to 2x 

Avionics I/O Modules  (AVIO-2360)

  • Certifiable up to DAL A/C


  • 3x MIL-STD 1553 
  • 7x ARINC 429
  • 16x Serial Ports
  • 4x GbE
  • 1x CAN
  • 2x Video (configurable)
  • 1x USB Console  

Maintenance and Diagnostics

  • Integrated built-in test (BIT) capability

BuiltSAFE® Proven Elements

  • DO-254 hardware 
  • DO-178C graphics CoreAVI OpenGL  SC  1.0, 2.0
  • DO-178C GPU accelerated compute
  • DO-178C video encode/decode
  • Design and information assurance

Mechanical and Environmental

  • Dimensions: 5.32"× 7.42" × 9.89" (135 × 188 × 251 mm)
  • Weight: <15 lb (6.08 kg)
  • Supply voltage: 22–32.5 
  • VDCTDP: 75 W

Software Board Support Packages (BSP)

  • Green Hills, Lynx and Linux with drivers
  • Support to meet CAST-32A objectives
  • Upon request: Deos, PikeOS, WindRiver


For additional configuration options, contact Mercury.



  • Platform management  
  • Mission management, weapon stores
  • Radio communications
    • Radio management​
    • Improved data modem​
  • Flight control 
  • Navigation 
  • Sensor/image/display processing  
  • EO/IR surveillance systems 
  • Aircraft survivability (ASE)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) 
    • Augmented reality 
    • Degraded visual environment (DVE)
    • AI machine vision 
  • 5G 
  • Cybersecurity, Multi-Level Security (MLS)


  • Rotary-wing and Fixed-wing aircraft 
  • Certifiable ground stations  
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) 

Proven Airborne Computing

Tackle Complex Avionics Applications

Our scalable mission computers minimize lead time and cost, mitigate program risk and ensure rapid and successful aircraft certification.



SBC3515-S 3U, SOSA Aligned Single Board Computer

SBC3515-S 3U, SOSA Aligned Single Board Computer

Intel® Core™ i7 Gen 11 CPU, Iris Xe Gen12 GPU, 10GbE and DO-254 and DO-178C artifacts


LCD modules for avionic and vetronic displays

LCD modules for avionic and vetronic displays

Create custom flight displays for any aircraft or vehicle with rugged, safe and NVIS compatible active matrix LCD glass modules


ROCK-2 3U OpenVPX Mission Computer

ROCK-2 3U OpenVPX Mission Computer

DO-178C/DO-254 certifiable 3U OpenVPX modular subsystem