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EnsembleSeries HDS6605 - Xeon Scalable server blade

6U OpenVPX Scalable Xeon-SP (Cascade Lake) Server Blade

The industry’s first OpenVPX server blade powered by Intel second generation Xeon Scalable processors (Cascade Lake) and built-in AI acceleration. A truly composable processing architecture that delivers data center processing capability to the edge.

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Extreme processing performance

Give your application the most powerful embedded general processing power available. Powered by a 22-core Intel Xeon Scalable processor with Deep Learning Boost, which extends Intel’s Advanced Vector Extensions-512 (AVX-512), accelerates inference applications and other big data processing and AI applications. New embedded Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI) accelerators speed up dense computations, characteristic of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and deep neural networks (DNNs), delivering up to a 14x improvement in inference performance compared to first-generation scalable processors.

Embedded Composable Data Center


HDS6605 data center server blades are the cornerstone of a truly composable high performance embedded edge computing (HPEEC) solution. When combined with other EnsembleSeries high-performance compute modules, including the latest data center GPU co-processors, and interconnected with wideband, low-latency PCIe switch fabrics, your application leverages the power of a data center. These big data processing solutions can be tailored to your specific platform and deployed in the harshest and most SWaP constrained environments.

The Anatomy of a Rugged Server Blade


EnsembleSeries server blades use proven liquid and air cooling, rugged packaging and high-speed in-system switch fabric interconnect technologies which are open systems compliant and have a technology readiness level of nine (TRL-9). HDS6605 blades are well-suited for systems that require the utmost in reliable processing performance. The HDS6605 is available with 100 Gbps in-chassis fabrics and optional MOTS+ and BuiltSECURE technologies for extreme environmental protection and proven systems security engineering (SSE).

Affordable, Interoperable and Upgradable




Deploy faster by building your next HPEEC processing solution with EnsembleSeries server blades. The HDS6605 is based on open architecture standards including Sensor Open System Architecture (SOSA) for interoperability, scalability and re-use. Drive affordability, performance and lower your program risk by using an architecture that evolves at the speed of technology, follows Intel’s technology roadmap and leverages commercial data center hardware, software and IP.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Multiple Ss.pngWith an architecture designed for big data and AI processing performance, wider, faster channels and 192GB of shared DDR4-2933 system memory, HDS6605 server blades create an elegant compute solution for complex on-platform C4I, big radar, sensor fusion and autonomous platform management challenges.


Key features:

  • Intel 1.9GHz, 22-core Xeon-SP Scalable (Cascade Lake) server-class processor
  • 96GB-192GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM per blade
  • 40Gb/s - 100Gb/s Ethernet high speed switch fabrics
  • Gen3 PCIe co-processing and I/O expansion plane communications
  • Optional BuiltSECURE systems security engineering
  • Optional MOTS+ extreme environmental protection
  • SOSA aligned and VITA 65 compliant
  • Designed, built, coded and supported from trusted DMEA facilities


  • 6U OpenVPX, standard 1-inch pitch module
  • Weight 2 to 3Kg depending upon configuration

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