High-Power SMT Limiters

RF limiters, precision engineered to deliver uncompromising performance

Model Number Free Range (GHz) Max Pulse Width (┬ÁSec) Peak Power (W) Flat Leakage (dBm) Dimensions Datasheet
EL0389 8.5 - 12 5 200 17 4mm x 3mm


Integrated Manufacturing

Reduce Risk with Automated RF Manufacturing

Utilizing the latest in automated RF manufacturing, we make production of cutting-edge technology scalable and repeatable, supporting your ramp to full-rate production while reducing risk. With 250,000 square feet of flexible manufacturing capability, we ensure delivery of high-volume high-quality product.  



An overview of Mercury’s broad RF and microwave solutions including compact components and highly integrated, modular assemblies.

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Learn how Mercury Systems can leverage its 40 years of space heritage to deliver the product you need for your space application.

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Learn how our RF, mixed-signal, and packaging teams work together to develop the SpectrumSeries™ Multiband Platform, an extremely compact architecture for next-generation smart bullets.

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